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We have a variety of Mayco Stroke and Coat paints available for you to choose from. All of these paints are non-toxic and food safe. Our studio artists are always available to assist you with any assistance you may need.

Before & After Firing

  • How long does it take to paint? 

Typically folks spend between one and two hours painting their piece, but are welcome to spend as much time as needed.  There are many variables, including size of the piece or how detailed it is.  

Some of the pieces painted in our studio

 Fired on the Mountain - 49 Main Street Unit #3 - Lincoln, NH 03251 - call or text (603) 745-820                          Starting in July 7 days a week 11 am to 5 pm

  • ​How much does it cost? 

We have over a hundred pieces to choose from ranging in prices. Choose from dishes, figurines, vases, and more to create a special memento from the White Mountains or a handmade gift. Ask us about fusing items together to create custom pieces.

1) Choose your piece


  • How long does it take to fire my piece?

We are committed to firing a minimum of once per week, often more than that if needed.  After you paint your piece, it is allowed to dry completely overnight.  Then it is glazed with a clear glaze and again dries overnight.  When placed in the kiln it will fire to cone 06 - 1880 degrees - and bake for 7 hours and then remain in the kiln for another 7 or more hours to cool properly.   It is often three or four days, but sometimes a week.  If you are unable to pick up your piece we are able to ship it via USPS. We also have acrylic paints available for use if you would prefer to take your piece that day.

Once you have finished painting your piece we will glaze and fire it in our studio. We fire pieces at least once per week and the process can take a few days, so your piece will not be available to take immediately. All of our glazed pieces are food, dish washer, and microwave safe. We also offer shipping for folks who are visiting the area or unable to pick up their piece.

Unable to wait for your piece to be fired? We have acrylic paints available if you would like to take your painted piece with you that day. Please keep in mind that these paints are not food safe and should only be used for decorative pieces.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Studio fee of $7 per/day per/person covers the cost of paint, glazing and firing. The only other charge is  reasonably priced piece(s) you choice  .

All ages are welcome here!  Infants make their mark with hands and feet.  The Mayco Stroke and Coat is non toxic and easily washes off with water. We encourage families to paint together. Studio fee waived for parents when you paint with your young children (under 6).

4) We glaze and fire your piece

Generally it takes 1 to 2 hours to paint a piece, but you are welcome to take as long as you need. For use of our studio and supplies we do charge a $7 studio fee per person per day and as always parents have waived studio fees when they paint with their children. 

Paint Your Own Pottery

How it works

Paint your own ceramic pottery in the heart of the White Mountains. We invite artists of all ages and experience levels to join us. Paint a piece for yourself or create a handmade gift for someone special. We have pieces for everyone! Our studio staff are always available for assistance!

2) Choose your design

​​3) Choose your Paint colors

  • Can my kids paint too?